Warli art Mobile hanger


(including GST and shipping In India)
Product code: MDF 0065
Size: 25 x 10 x 3.5 cm
Materials: Acrylic colours & clay on MDF
Hand painted, Varnished
Break resistant, Ready to hang


This art work is a beautiful hand painted tribal art mobile hanger made using clay and acrylic colours on 8 mm & 4 mm MDF. It has a circular cut for the charger and the pocket for the mobile. The hanger is light in weight and is made to hang on the charger.

It’s most suitable for charging mobiles where there are no shelves/racks near a switch board. It can accommodate any phone up to a width of 9 cm. The tribal masks with a Midas touch impart it an antique look. It is made with lots of diligence and patience.

Its unique design is a charmer in any living area. This artwork is ready to hang and does not need any hook. Adorn your walls or send as a gift to your loved ones. It will surely be loved by all.

The image showing the artwork on interior wall is a representative one and does not indicate the actual size of the artwork. For actual size and dimensions of the artwork please see product details above.


Insert the phone in the pocket/holder and then position it on the charger to plug in. On accumulation of dust, just wipe it off with soft dry/damp cloth. Do not scratch or scrub hard. Handle with care.